Welcome to our appetizers! Please feel free to ask us about the many different options to an appetizer buffet. Priced from 7.95 to 16.95 per person. Just let us know your budget and favorite dishes and we will design the perfect menu just for you!

Honey ham rolls with cream cheese and pickled asparagus. So much tastiness wrapped into every slice of ham!

Evies own recipe for creamy Salmon Mousse, topped with fresh dill and surrounded by fresh crispy vegetables & served with specialty crackers or sliced baguette breads. 

Our homemade Brownie bites with delicious peanut butter cookies dipped in chocolate. For the pesky sweet tooth in all of us!

Eli’s design Shrimp Platter served with our own cocktail sauce and fresh lemon. Simply wonderful! 

Food should not only taste good, it should be fresh, colorful and bring your taste buds to attention. When designing a menu, we feel that those important details should be taken seriously and apply special care in every dish!

Mini pizza rolls, Chicken alfredo Florentine, beef & provolone w/onion & green peppers, sausage & cheese, pepperoni & cheese, breakfast rolls with bacon, cheese and egg and ham, egg & cheese!  

Mini assorted quiches baked golden brown, from honey ham to crispy bacon, sausage & broccoli to spinach & mushroom, and lets not forget  loaded cheese! 


Finger sandwiches for a lite lunch? Choose from honey oat with turkey and provolone, ham & swiss on rye, mini croissants with chicken salad and beef and cheddar….just to name a few!

Mini upside down pineapple cakes…topped with brown sugar and a sweet maraschino cherry. Great for the Holidays or anytime!

Cinnamon  Brandy Balls, Pumpkin cupcakes, brownie bites, deviled eggs, pumpkin cookies dipped in chocolate, mini pecan pies & turkey, cranberry and cream cheese finger sandwiches. Autumn is coming….and we are ready!

Eli and Ryan welcome your next event! Let us design a menu with your favorite yummy treats!

Assorted cheese bites and mini pecan pies with brownie bites. Lets make sure the healthy trays gets in there with colorful veggie relish trays and fruit platters for variety!

Nacho Bar with homemade bean dip & all the colorful & tasty sides!

Delicious Deviled eggs in cucumber boats. Topped with fresh dill and a pinch of paprika. 

Mini Pizza bakes, choose from seven different flavors or mix them up! Pepperoni & cheese, Italian sausage & cheese, Meat lovers, Vegetarian with mushrooms, onion, green pepper & cheese, Chicken Alfredo Florentine & Spicy Taco & cheese.

Chocolate covered brandy balls…YUM!

Evie’s own signature recipe of sweet and sour meatballs. Received from the late Chef Rayford Potter who originally worked with Evie in 1989 and trained her to cook and cater. They are so popular that we have kept this dish for 29 years!

Fresh baked peanut butter cookies dipped in chocolate and sprinkled with fun!

Strawberries and melted chocolate. Dip your own! A wonderful accompaniment to any buffet!

Jennifer’s Chocolate Truffles. Homemade and simply amazing! We have to give Jennifer two weeks notice in order to serve these. Sorry, but not available as a single item, only served with a complete appetizer buffet.  

Sugar cookies with a wave of cream cheese and topped with a  fresh sweet raspberry…melts in your mouth!

Evie’s own Vanilla cream cupcakes with cream cheese frosting.  Many times served as a dessert with any lunch or dinner buffet.