Dinner Menu

It is time for the Holidays and being Thankful for our family, our friends and love ones. Call Evie’s today and reserve your buffet so you can relax.  Enjoy a complete Holiday buffet with all the trimmings and give thanks for unknown blessings already on their way!

Baked Hawaiian Ham: A Wonderful dish for the Holidays!  With fresh pineapple, green peppers and our own Hawaiian sauce. Yum!

Welcome to our Dinner Menu!

All of our buffets are complete.  One price. One complete buffet. Each buffet comes with the main entrée chosen, choice of starch or starches if buffet warrants, up to two vegetables, two salads, veggie tray & fruit platter, dessert &  beverages. (For Weddings we substitute the dessert for 2-3 appetizers.) All included with every buffet:  Good Quality disposable plates, forks/knives/spoons, napkins, beverage cups & if needed.  We do provide real plates & silverware for 1.50 more per setting due to the rise in labor cost. Evie’s also provides tablecloths, tables & chairs if needed for an additional fee.

With each priced buffet, please add 18% service & delivery fee & sales tax. The 18% is for delivery, setup, servers if needed & breakdown. We also box the leftovers for the client.  Or if you prefer, we donate them to the YWCA, Women’s Shelter.

Yankee Pot Roast buffet:  This dinner has been in our family since 1989.  We bake the roast with carrots, celery, onion, garlic and rosemary, low and long to make sure it’s so tender it melts in your mouth. Served with homemade mashed potatoes (yes, they are real potatoes) or baby reds, and Yankee gravy. Buttered carrots or green bean medley. Choice of (2) salads, Homemade rolls or cornbread, veggie tray, fresh fruit platter, dessert and (2) beverages.    13.95 per person

Roast Turkey Dinner: The Holidays are coming! Fresh baked turkey with all the trimmings!  Served with homemade mashed potatoes, turkey gravy, green beans with caramelized onion and fresh bacon, Evie’s own fresh baked stuffing, garlic butter rolls, garden salad, dressings, fruit ambrosia or pasta salad, veggie tray, fresh fruit platter, homemade pumpkin pie and beverages. Literally a Thanksgiving Feast!  13.95 per person. Add Baked Hawaiian Ham  for just 2.95 more per person!

Baked Apple Roast Pork Buffet: Lean Pork Roast baked with slices of Washington apples, sliced thin and served with homemade mashed potatoes OR baby reds OR fingerlings. Choice of (2) vegetables, garden green salad and one salad of choice, garlic rolls and butter, dessert and (2) beverages.  13.75 per person

BBQ Ribs:  Mmmmm, oh baked so tender and covered with our own honey BBQ sauce. Served with potatoes au gratin OR homemade garlic mashed potatoes and gravy, vegetable medley, cornbread muffins or garlic rolls, dessert and (2) beverages.  (for 15 or more please)  14.95 per person

Chicken Tarragon:  We grow our own herbs! Our fresh tarragon is truly amazing on how it brings out the wonderful flavor of the fresh baked chicken breasts.  Served with rice pilaf OR homemade mashed potatoes and gravy OR basil buttered baby red potatoes. Choice of (2) salads, veggie relish tray, fresh fruit platter, rolls or garlic bread, dessert and (2) beverages.  13.95 per person

Chicken, Beef or Pork Teriyaki:  Choose two of your favorites and enjoy! Served with white rice, spring rolls or pot stickers, vegetable stir fry, oriental salad, veggie tray, fresh fruit platter, dessert and (2) beverages.  12.95 per person.

Chicken Cordon Bleu: Lean chicken breasts tenderized & flavored with garlic butter with diced     ham & provolone cheese, rolled in fresh Italian bread crumbs, then baked golden brown.  Topped off with béchamel sauce & a touch of fresh rosemary. Served with rice pilaf or buttered baby reds, vegetable medley, garlic rolls, (2) salads of choice, veggie tray, fresh fruit platter, dessert & beverages.          15.95 per person

Beef Lasagna, Meat lovers, Italian Sausage or Vegetarian Cheese Lasagna:         Ohhhh, Lasagna made with Evie’s own Marinara Sauce of fresh Italian herbs and simmered  low and long to enhance every bite! We make our lasagna with Fresh Ricotta and cottage cheese blend, mozzarella, provolone and Monterey jack blend. Each layer the sauce is generously applied with sautéed mushrooms, onions and seasoned meats of choice. Served with garlic bread sticks OR garlic rolls OR garlic bread.  Your choice of broccoli and cauliflower medley or sautéed zucchini and carrots with caramelized onion.  Garden green salad, dressings, parmesan vegetable salad w/grape tomatoes, broccoli and red onion, veggie relish tray and fruit platter, dessert & beverages.                     14.75 per person

Spaghetti and Meat-a-balls: Our homemade meat-a-balls are a family tradition for over 40 years. We need to keep our secret recipe but our fresh herbs and lean ground beef make a wonderful combination!  Meatballs and our homemade sauce, Caesar salad, parmesan veggie pasta salad, veggie tray, fresh fruit platter, dessert and beverages.  12.95 per person

Italian Pasta Bar: Why not have it all? Spaghetti and meatballs with homemade marinara, chicken alfredo with fettuccini noodles & Lasagna! (Available for groups of over 50 please.) Served with garden green salad, dressings, veggie parmesan pasta with avocado, sautéed zucchini & onion,  veggie tray, fresh fruit platter, dessert bar (3 choice desserts) & beverages.                               16.96 per person

Taco Bar: This buffet is wonderful for everyone with allergies, gluten free issues or vegetarian. Or if you are able to eat anything that you enjoy. Make your own tacos or taco salad with seasoned beef and chicken, Spanish rice and beans. Side dishes of sour cream, salsa, jalapenos, shredded cheese, sliced olives & onions. Served with nacho cheese and chips, green salad, dressings, (1) other salad of your choice, veggie tray, fresh fruit platter, dessert & assorted sodas/bottled waters.  12.95 per person

Chicken, Pork or Beef Enchiladas:  Choose two of your favorites! Served with Spanish rice and beans, sour cream, salsa, diced onions & tomatoes. Green salad, dressings, (1) salad of your choice, veggie tray, fruit platter, dessert & lemonade & freshly brewed iced tea.                                                                                            14.50 per person

Salmon Imperial:  A truly wonderful meal! Fresh baked Salmon (as seasonally available) served with hollandaise sauce and two large sautéed shrimp. Accompanied by rice pilaf, steamed broccoli medley or garlic Brussel sprouts, baked basil rosemary rolls, Spinach Salad with raspberry balsamic dressing, (1) other salad of your choice, cheese and fruit platter, veggie relish tray, dessert and soft beverage of your choice.                                                  19.50 per person.

Shrimp Sautee: Italian Style large prawns sautéed with onions, green peppers and garlic and finished with a nice Washington Riesling. Served with Jasmine rice or rice pilaf, vegetable medley or calico carrots, baked parmesan rolls, Garden salad, dressings, broccoli apple salad. Appetizer: spinach artichoke dip in cannon ball with sliced baguette breads. Dessert and Soft beverage of your choice.       18.25 per person

BBQ Baked Chicken:  Going on a picnic? Why not bring it all! Tender legs, thighs and breasts baked with honey BBQ sauce and served with choice vegetable, homemade mashed potatoes and chicken gravy, potato salad, green salad with assorted dressings, veggie relish tray, fresh fruit platter, dessert & sodas/bottled waters or Lemonade.  12.95 per person

Chicken Riesling: Chef Williams specialty and growing to be our number one favorite buffet! Tender chicken breast sautéed with mushrooms & shallots in a Riesling reduction. Topped with fresh red grapes. Served with fingerling potatoes or twice baked potatoes, calico carrots or steamed broccoli and cauliflower, garlic basil rolls, garden salad, dressings, bowtie veggie pasta in an Italian avocado & cucumber dressing.  Veggie relish tray, Dessert and Soft beverage of your choice.                                            16.95 per person

Red Currant Glazed Chicken: One of  Evie’s favorite entrees.  Tender chicken legs, thighs & breasts baked with red currant glaze and Riesling wine, served with garlic baby reds with rosemary and basil, garlic Brussel sprouts or sautéed zucchini & carrots. Your choice of garlic rolls or cheesy basil biscuits. Spinach salad with diced honey crisp apples & fresh blueberry’s (in season) served with raspberry vinaigrette. Veggie relish tray, fresh fruit platter, dessert & soft beverage of your choice. 13.95 per person

Baked Hawaiian Ham:  A wonderful meal for anytime of the year! Baked Pit ham cooked slow and tender with whole cloves. Sliced for a generous portion drizzled with our own Hawaiian sauce. Served with potatoes au gratin and baby reds, your choice of vegetable, Garden green salad with assorted dressings, veggie tray, fresh fruit platter, dessert and your choice of beverages.  13.95 per person

Chicken Penne Florentine:  This dish is great for the Italian lovers! A delicate blend of garlic chicken, spinach & pasta.  Combined with our own alfredo sauce, diced provolone, fresh basil & parmesan. Served with Caesar salad or Spinach Salad, broccoli apple salad or veggie parmesan pasta salad. Veggie tray, fresh fruit platter, dessert & beverages.                                                                                         13.75 per person

Prime Rib Buffet:  Our prime rib is slow baked covered in fresh garlic and course ground pepper.  A tender 6 ounce portion cooked Medium well to Medium Rare, with sautéed mushroom on the side. Served with basil au jus, baby reds or baked potatoes, calico carrots, garden salad with assorted dressings, your choice of one other salad, veggie tray, cheese and fruit platter, dessert and beverages.                               19.50  per person

We custom design menus to fit your needs and budget!

“Our Smile is our Logo…Your Smile is our Trademark!”

Baron of Beef: The Ultimate at a any Special Occasion!

Baked BBQ Salmon with Lemon Basil Glaze

Our famous Tender Yankee Pot Roast surrounded by fresh sautéed carrots & zucchini topped with garlic fried Onions and green peppers.  Then generously covered in our own Yankee gravy. Accompany this entrée’ with homemade garlic potatoes or buttered baked baby reds, your favorite salads and desserts and your buffet becomes complete! 

Chicken Cordon Bleu: Tender chicken breast rolled with dice honey ham and provolone, rolled in our Italian blend bread crumbs and baked until golden brown. Topped generously with a light alfredo sauce. 

Baked Hawaiian Ham with Evie’s own Pineapple orange sauce. The Holiday’s are coming so book early to make sure you get your reserved date!

Mini Kielbasa kabobs with a touch of habanero sauce is always a nice choice!

Our Sweet and Sour meatball recipe has been one of the favorite dishes since the 90’s.   As an entrée, a side dish or an appetizer, this dish is amazing!

This dish is one of our most popular, Chicken Riesling.  Tender chicken breasts sautéed in Washington Riesling and olive oil married with caramelized shallots and fresh mushrooms. Then topped off with red grapes to sweeten the dish! A melt-in-your-mouth entrée!

Twice Baked Garlic Potatoes topped off with cheddar cheese and fresh basil. A wonderful side dish to any entrée!

Tender Chicken Tarragon. Made with our own homegrown Tarragon herbs.  Sautéed with white wine, garlic, olive oil and generously covered in our own garlic Tarragon sauce.  Simply wonderful!

White rice baked perfectly in fresh garlic and fresh thyme then decorated to fit the occasion!

Our own Italian Meatballs covered in Evie’s signature sauce. Topped off with fresh parmesan. Spaghetti and meatballs are great anytime!

BBQ Baked Chicken Thighs and Breasts covered in our own Tangy BBQ sauce. Topped off with our fresh cinnamon basil!  Mmmmmm! 

Our Penne Mac and Cheese goes great with any buffet!

Current Glazed Chicken baked tender topped with cinnamon basil..Melts in your mouth and makes your taste buds go crazy!

Fresh sautéed asparagus with buttered carrots and red onion topped with fresh parmesan cheese….YUM!

Mixed garden vegetables in season. Cooked with fresh herbs from our herb garden. Topped with shredded parmesan and TLC!

Our own homemade garlic parmesan rolls. Fresh out of the oven! Ohhhh, So Good!

Yakima yellow Zucchini, fresh mushrooms, celery and sliced onions sautéed in wine and olive oil then topped with shredded parmesan and our own cinnamon basil. 

Fingerling potatoes married with baby reds, tossed with caramelized shallots & crisp bacon. “I just ate a purple potato…and it was delicious!” quote from one of our clients as she spoke to her audience. 

Green beans with caramelized onion and fresh bacon.  Sautéed with butter, garlic and a touch of rosemary. Even kids enjoy this one!

Evies Own Baked Lasagna since 1989.  5 layers of wonderful goodness! Choose from Seasoned beef, Chicken alfredo, meat lovers and vegetarian.  That’s a-good-a-Lasagna!! 

Pizza Bakes, assorted salads, veggie trays and fresh fruits as an accompaniment to various buffets. Create your own buffet with all of your favorite dishes!

Italian anyone? Choose from baked cheese lasagna, Pizza zombies, fresh veggies, chicken avocado salad and parmesan veggie penne salad. Just a few of the favorite dishes!

A close up of our pizza bakes. Choose from pepperoni & cheese, Italian Sausage and cheese, Chicken Alfredo, Hawaiian, meat lovers, spinach, onion, green pepper & mushroom, beef taco and olives. Mmmm, and why not honey crisp apple & cinnamon! 

Mini Blueberry English Trifles..just a little sweetness combined with total Deliciousness! 

Baked baby reds with fresh basil and butter with Homemade garlic mashed potatoes. 

Evie’s Signature Macaroni & cheese. It’s not just for kids anymore!

Taco Bar anyone? All the tasty sides and all of your favorites!

A company luncheon with a taco bar is ALWAYS a hit!

Evie’s Homemade fudge of Chocolate caramel and marshmallows  with Coconut pina colada! Yum!!

Yankee Pot Roast with Homemade mashed potatoes and garlic buttered fingerlings with baby reds, vegetable medley and cheddar biscuits. Lots of satisfied clients at the Junior Achievement Banquet!

Thank you Joel for having us at Junior Achievement for your Special banquet! 

Dessert Bar anyone? From homemade cookies to assorted cupcakes, variety of fudges to strawberries and chocolate and cheesecakes…Evie’s can sweeten your taste buds and brighten your day!

Silliness at the Junior Achievement event showing how much fun it is to Photo Bomb!  Photobombicki San! 


BLT Salad with romaine, red leaf and iceberg. Topped off with all the yummy goodies of fresh cooked bacon and Chicken with ripe avocado and tomato. Colorful and so good for you!

An appetizer of fresh fruit and assorted cheeses are always a great selection before the buffet!

Josh is putting the final touches of pineapple habanero sauce on the kielbasa kabobs before the serve at the Life Choice’s event. Thank you Josh for all your hard work! 

Life Choices Buffet this October with shrimp platters, ham rolls in cream cheese and pickled asparagus, cheese & fruit platters, sweet and sour meatballs, Baked Red Current glazed chicken legs, pizza mini bakes and so much more! Thank you Joddi-Jay for everything you do and having us again this year!

Thank you Joel for calling Evie’s for your Junior Achievement Event! It was a pleasure to serve you!

Mmmmm, tender lean Yankee Pot Roast covered in homemade gravy with sautéed carrots, onion and celery.  A buffet to enjoy anytime!

Getting ready for a plated serve at Vision for Independence at the Harman Center last weekend. Every plate needs an edible colorful garnish. A fresh fruit kabob certainly does the trick!  Thank  you for having us Lisa and Stephanie!

Vision for Independence, Stephanie, escorting a blind folded guest to the table.  What a great night this was!

Our layered fresh fruit bowl served with strawberry yogurt sauce on the side. It’s summer all year at Evies! 

Polish Sausage Kabobs with pineapple & green peppers drizzled with a sweet spicy Pineapple Habanero sauce. 

Shrimp and Avocado Salad tossed with a lemon basil vinaigrette. 

Thank you for viewing our Dinner menu! We update new events and dinner selections twice a month, so please feel free to visit us again for new side dishes and entrees! If we have catered to your event you may see photos of you and your guests along with the buffet we served you. If you do not want Evie to advertise your catered event on our Web page please let us know. We value our customers opinions and privacy!  

Happy Holidays and All the Best to You and Your Family!