Govt Contracts NAICS 722320 CAGE 300R6

Benefit from Evie’s Catering Incorporated’s decades of experience as a Government Food Service Contractor (NAICS 722320 and CAGE 300R6). We have been putting great food on the table for private parties and local school districts since 1989. Our first opportunity to feed the Marine Corps Reserves was in 1993. We have been satisfying Department of Defense food service requirements ever since.

We are registered in SAM (Federal) CAGE 300R6, and WEBS vendor pay (State).

Our primary service area is Eastern Washington, with particular emphasis on the general Yakima vicinity and the US Army’s Yakima Training Center

ECI is competent in maintaining the Hygiene and Operating standards defined by US Army Technical Bulletin Medical 530 while maintaining high volume production (1,000 + diners per meal) and operates out of a Yakima County Health Department licensed kitchen.

Below is a brief description of contracts we have executed for various government agencies:

W911S8-14-P-0249 Japanese GSDF Kitchen Support Staffing SEP 2012-13-14
Micro-Purchase WOSPE L Meals AUG 1992-Multi-dates
W912JV-14-P-2035 ORARNG B/L/D Meals JUN 2014
Micro-Purchase WA Upward Bound B/L/D Meals AUG-SEP 2014
W912JV-14-P-2070 ORARNG B/D Meals SEP 2014
Micro-Purchase Valley Police Assoc. B/L/D Meals MAY 2012-13
W912K3-08-D-0002 WAARNG B/D Meals MAY 2008 – APR 2013
Micro-Purchase WA DOJ Sniper Course B/L/D Meals MAY 2013 & May 2014
NAFIB9-09-T-0026 NAFI US Army Concession Restaurant OCT 2010-JUL 2014
Micro-Purchase WSSDA Directors’ Dinner SEP 2014
W912K3-07-P-0023 WAARNG B/L/D Meals MAR 2007
Micro-Purchases USMC B/D Meals MAR 1993-Multi-dates
Micro-Purchases Yakama Nation Banquet Meals Multiple Dates
Groups of 10 to groups of 2,500…
We are your feeding solution.