Special Event Photos

“Always Remember…that this is your day and that you should have it run as you want it. Keep in mind that it is the most Romantic and Wonderful day in your life.”

1993 “Your Wedding” Australian writer, unknown.

Congratulations Whitney and Jeremy! We wish you the very best in the years to come!

Thank you Spring Creek Homestead for such a beautiful Venue for us to cater to! Your venue is beautiful!

Whitney and Jeremy enjoyed our homemade Swedish Meatballs and Pineapple Habanero chicken Kabobs!  

Congratulations Kimberly and Kyle on your wedding this September! We wish you the very best in the years to come!

Kimberly and Kyle enjoyed our delicious tender BBQ Chicken Thighs and Chicken Breasts at their wedding. Topped off with Cinnamon basil to make it perfect!

Want a change from cake for your wedding? Kimberly chose our homemade Berry pie and Apple and Cherry tarts for their dessert! Mmmmmm! Topped off with Fresh Strawberry’s and melted chocolate!

Thank you Danielle for having us cater your wedding September 22nd! We wish you and Michael all the very best in the years to come!

Mark Hedin walking his daughter Danielle to the alter on this beautiful September Saturday at their home next to the Naches river. Thank you for giving Evie’s Catering the opportunity to take part and serve you and your family!

Our servers at the Hedin Wedding. Ryan and Angie.  Ryan is our new lead catering supervisor working with Angie to show her how it’s done! Welcome to the team Angie!

Congratulations Chris and Kaylee Allen on your “Festimony” on September 22nd.  All of us at Evie’s wish you the very best in the years to come!

“From every human being there rises a light that reaches straight to heaven. And when two souls that are destined to be together find each other, their streams of light flow together, and a single brighter light goes forth from their untied being.” 

Baal Shem Tov, 18th – century Jewish mystic

Thank you Joel for having us cater your Junior Achievement Banquet! You and all your guests were a pleasure to serve!

Thank you Photobombiki-San for enjoying an Evies’ buffet at the Junior Achievement event and entertaining us all!  

Mmmmm, Yankee pot Roast with a rich brown gravy, homemade mashed potatoes, garlic fingerlings with baby reds and vegetable medley. A great choice for the Junior Achievement Event! 

Somebody is very happy that we kept our buffet open for him until after his introduction to the guests so he could enjoy a nice hot dinner!

Getting ready for a plated service at the Harman Center for Vision for Independence this October. Every plate deserves a fresh fruit kabob to introduce a great dinner of Chicken Riesling. Thank you Stephanie and Lisa for having us cater to your Dinner in the Dark!

Stephanie, Vision for Independence and “Dinner in the Dark” escorting a blindfolded guest to the table. What a great fun night this was! 

Josh is putting the final touches of pineapple habanero sauce on the kielbasa kabobs before serving at the Life’s Choices Event this October. Thank you Josh for all your hard work! 

There is nothing more inviting than Strawberries and chocolate to begin a wonderful evening! Just one of the many appetizers served at the Life Choices Banquet.

“The highest happiness on Earth…Is Marriage”….  And more Chocolate! 

By William Lyon Phelps

Congratulations Shawna on your wedding! We wish you all the very best in the years to come with the love of your life, Josh Summerville!

Alexis you make a beautiful bride! Thank you for having Evie’s cater your amazing wedding!

Love may be the spark that started the flame, but friendship is the timber that keeps it burning.

Tony Jones to Bobbie Spencer… General Hospital 

McIntosh Ranch Venue. Located in Ellensburg. A wonderful venue that Evie’s has enjoyed catering to!

With colors of ivory and rose pink Evie’s matches colors for the buffet to compliment the brides colors. Two identical buffets side by side to accommodate 4 lines creating a faster serve (20 minutes) for 350 guests. No one likes to wait an hour for food when their hungry!

Having a craving for Shrimp and cocktail sauce with a fresh slice of lemon?  Our Shrimp towers tantalize your taste buds on an appetizer buffet!

A working lunch for one of our clients.  Spoiling their team with a Taco Buffet with all the trimmings!

WHAT???? You haven’t called Evie’s Yet????

Chocolate Reese’s Cup Cakes, Coconut- Pina-colada, and Lemon cream cupcakes. Yes, we do cupcakes for weddings! For only 2.85 each choose from other wonderful flavors such as carrot with cream cheese, strawberry, raspberry and triple chocolate! 

Congratulations Mr and Mrs Josh Summerville! 

“Together we stood without words. And Love, like the heavy fragrance of the flowering thorn tree, pierced us.”    

Gabriella Mistral, 20th century Chilean Poet.

Strawberries and Melted Chocolate. Served at EVERY Wedding!

Polish Sausage Kabobs with fresh pineapple and red peppers, drizzled with pineapple Habanero  sauce. Yummm!

Congratulations Alexis and Jorden on your beautiful wedding at Elk Ridge!  Notice Jorden doing the Happy dance? He was having fun!

Seasons Hall Banquet

Katrina did it again…For just a normal Sub sandwich bar, her cheese tray rocks!!

Rayford’s Currant Glazed Chicken topped with cinnamon basil. A wonderful dish for someone who wants different and delicious with a colorful flair. This dish has been in our family since 1992.  Originally introduced by Friend and Chef Rayford Potter who worked with Evie for several years.   

Mmmmm, fresh Yakima asparagus sautéed with Riesling, garlic and butter then topped with fresh grated parmesan. Laid over buttered carrots and red onion to enhance color and variety. Just one of many side dishes offered with our buffets!

Have you ever tried a fingerling potato? When they are lightly blanched and sautéed with caramelized shallots and crisp bacon then tossed with fresh garlic and rosemary you won’t believe that a purple potato could taste so good! Another side dish offered with many of our buffets.

Eli and Ryan are waiting to serve you at your next event!

A salad is just a salad…until the colors of red cabbage, fresh tomatoes, shredded carrot, diced cucumber, and fresh basil bring it to life!

Kielbasa Kabobs with sweet pineapple habanero….A touch of sweet with a little zing! 

A summer mid morning brunch dream!  Assorted mini quiches, fresh fruits, strawberries & chocolate, assorted meat tray, bagels and cream cheese, cinnamon rolls & so much more! Create your own menu of favorites!

Brittney had her wedding at the McIntosh Ranch in Ellensburg. Plenty of room to serve two identical buffets to make it easier and faster for 350 guests. Allowing 4 serving lines. A 20 minute serve!

Eggs Benedict Anyone? It’s not just for breakfast anymore!

Chicken Cordon Bleu with provolone &  Béchamel Sauce..Yummmm! 

  BBQ Chicken Breast sandwiches as an extra entree to a BBQ Pulled Pork Buffet!

The Yakima Arboretum is a wonderful place for a venue! Displayed in their garden room, Broccoli apple salad in sweet basil dressing with dried cranberries, Veggie parmesan pasta salad accompanied with a fresh vegetable platter, garden salad and fresh cut fruits.  Just one example to the side dishes offered on any of our yummy buffets!

Evie’s Own signature Sweet and Sour, Teriyaki and spicy Asian Meatballs. Made from scratch with lean beef, onion and our own herb blend fresh from our garden. 

Thank you Eileen for your assistance at Cascade Gardens! Your venue made our buffet look colorful and amazing! Fresh garden salad, veggie trays, strawberries and melted chocolate, basil vinaigrette pasta salad and BBQ Pulled Pork with Pub rolls and fresh sautéed onions and green peppers…Yum!

Mini assorted quiches are great anytime! 

An appetizer buffet for a grand opening. From Kabobs to meatballs, from mini quiches to strawberries and chocolate, pinwheels to cheese and fruit platters….all of your favorites on one table!

Our Signature Macaroni & Cheese. With Cheddar & Provolone.  It’s not just for kids!

Shrimp avocado Salad with a touch of lemon and fresh spinach. A healthy tasty side dish to any buffet!

Pinched for time on a working lunch? A Taco Bar should be Plentiful and Fun!

Refried beans, Spanish rice, Sautéed onions and green peppers with all the yummy side dishes below for a taco bar!

Wedding Venue at Gilbert Orchards.  Surrounded by Lavender and a beautiful view of the valley!

Served with every wedding buffet, Strawberries and melted chocolate. Combining all the sweet goodness on one  table!

Your Wedding Day is the most important day of your life.  We have the experience to make it stress free, worry free and right.

You worry about the many details involved in planning your perfect day. Evie’s has been doing weddings since 1989. We know food. We know our customers’ needs and we know everyone’s needs are different. Let Evie’s simplify it all. Whether you’re planning a wedding, a wedding rehearsal, a birthday, an anniversary or any special event, Evie’s lifts the worry of planning the details. You could call a wedding planner; but you may not need the extra expense. Make an appointment today to let Evie help make your wedding easier. From any one of our great hot buffets; to simple cold buffets and tasty hors d’oeuvres, to choosing a DJ, a photographer or venue; we have the contact information for them all.

Note: We do not normally book caterings/weddings on Sundays so that our crew and our family can be with our loved ones. If you have an emergency and need service on Sunday, we are able to accommodate your needs for an additional fee of 25% more per person.  Please feel free to contact Evie to discuss your options.   Thank you!