Breakfast Menu

Welcome Future Clients!  We customize menus in order to meet your budget requirements.  For those who have restricted diets, we accommodate Gluten free or vegetarian.  

Continental Breakfast:  Fresh fruit Platter, Steel cut oatmeal with granola, craisins & brown sugar, with your choice of assorted homemade muffins & bagels & cream cheese, or cinnamon twists or cinnamon rolls. Yogurt fruit parfait, choice of two juices, French Roast coffee & assorted teas.   9.95 per person

Evie’s Signature Breakfast Bake: An exceptional bakery style twist on the classic breakfast sandwich. Scrambled eggs, cheese, sausage & bacon baked into a hand tossed crust. Have some with just cheese and egg & for the meat lovers have it all! Served with your choice of Baby reds or hash browns, fresh fruit platter, yogurt strawberry parfait, cinnamon twists, bagels & cream cheese or muffins. Accompanied with 2 juices &  coffee.                                                                                                        13.95 per person

Full Hot Breakfast: Scrambled eggs w/cheese, hash browns or baked baby reds, bacon, sausage   (links, patty or German), choice of (2). Choice of biscuits and sausage gravy OR French Toast OR pan cakes, fresh fruit platter, yogurt parfait, choice of muffins or bagels with cream cheese.  Choice of (2) juices.  Coffee & assorted Teas.   15.50 per person

Breakfast Omelet buffet: Choice of cheese, ham & cheese, bacon & cheese, sausage & cheese, Denver, or vegetarian with mushrooms/onions/green peppers. Served with hash browns or Evie’s Baked bacon-cheddar baby reds, assorted muffins or bagels with creams cheese, fruit platter, juices, French roast coffee & assorted teas.   14.95 per person

Tortilla Omelets: Choose from ham/cheese and eggs, bacon/cheese & eggs or vegetarian. Served with your choice of baby reds or hash brown, cinnamon French toast, steel cut oats, fresh fruit platter,  assorted muffins, juice & coffee/teas.   13.95 per person

Breakfast Burritos or Breakfast Sandwiches:  We make our own with scrambled eggs, ham, bacon or sausage &  cheese all rolled into a flour tortilla or on an English muffin. Served with choice of baby red potatoes or hash brown, biscuits & gravy, fresh fruit, muffins, juice & coffee.  13.25 per person.

Quiche and Fresh Fruit Buffet:  We make our own delicious homemade Quiche Lorraine or sausage or vegetarian. Served with fresh fruits & assorted muffins or bagels, juices & coffee/teas.                      11.95 per person

We customize menus to fit your needs & budget. Our Smile is our Logo…Your Smile is our Trademark! 

NOTE: Please add 20% service and delivery fee and sales tax to each buffet price. The 20% covers delivery, setup, server/servers if needed, boxed up leftovers for the client. Or if preferred we donate them to the YWCA, Women’s Shelter. 

We do not normally book caterings/weddings on Sundays so that our crew and our family can be with our loved ones. If you have an emergency and need service on Sunday, we are able to accommodate your needs if we are available, for an additional fee of 25% more per person. There may be other fees applied depending if the Sunday falls on a Holiday, such as Easter or Mothers Day.  Please feel free to contact Evie to discuss your options. Thank you!

Breakfast Zombies…Hot from the oven, baked goodness with egg, cheese & sausage or bacon. Mmmmm! 

From Sausage patties, to links, German sausage to polish sausages. From fresh crisp Bacon to  grilled sliced ham our breakfast buffets start off your day with a smile and energy!

We use nothing but whole fresh eggs. Sautéed with fresh green and red pepper and topped with cheddar cheese and a hint of our garden basil.    Add zucchini, fresh mushrooms or asparagus  for just a little more!          Talk about an ultimate to a breakfast scramble!

Hand held Breakfast Bakes made with egg, cheese & sausage, egg, cheese & bacon or vegetarian. Easy to grab on the go!

Our English Muffin Breakfast sans are made fresh with a scrambled egg patty & cheddar cheese. Then choose from crisp bacon, sausage patty or ham to make it complete!  What a great way to get everyone to attend an early morning meeting!

Omelets anyone! We pan fry our omelets and fill them with yummy cheeses, diced ham or bacon. Or for the vegetarians how about asparagus and mushrooms?! Or, lets do zucchini and onion, Or wow, why not taco beef and  green pepper?!! Oh you want Shrimp and cheese?! Why Not! Omelets are great and very healthy! 

Mini Pumpkin Muffins…Oh yea..It’s that time already!  Fall is almost here!

Our famous Hollandaise Breakfast Bakes, SO good! Made with cheese and fresh sausage & bacon then rolled delicately into a hand rolled pizza crust. Baked until golden brown and topped with Hollandaise sauce.  YUMMY!!!!

Sweet and Sour Meatballs with fresh pineapple. Talk about a nice entrée to a breakfast brunch!

Assorted mini Quiches baked with fresh eggs and cheese with our own herbs of basil and thyme. Choose from bacon & spinach, Italian sausage, honey ham, shrimp or vegetarian. Baked golden brown  topped with shredded cheddar and fresh parmesan. You can’t have just one!  

Hash browns, baked baby reds, Link and patty sausage,  bacon, biscuits & gravy, breakfast sliders, assorted quiches, yogurt parfait, fresh fruit platters with sweet strawberries and steel cut oats with all the yummy healthy condiments. Just a few of the many different selections you could have on YOUR buffet!

My Husband Bill specializes in his own style of Spanish and Asian cooking and is looking forward to preparing your favorite dish! 

Yes, we grown our own varieties of basil, oregano, tarragon, mints, parsley, thyme and more! 

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Our Incredible Team!  Working “Above and Beyond “to serve our clients!